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Parl. '05*
Afghan Social Democratic Party / Afghan Nation [Ahady] Hezb-e Sosyal Demokratik-e Afghan / Hezb-e Afghan Millat [Ahadi]
حزب افغان ملت
  Afghan Mellat e-mail soc. dem.   1.18%
92 cand.
f. 1966, led by Anwar-ul-Haq Ahady
New Afghan Social Democratic Party / Afghan Nation [Shams] Hezb-e Sosyal Demokratik-e Afghan / Hezb-e Afghan Millat [Shams]
حزب افغان ملت
  e-mail soc. dem.   - f. 1987 as split from Afghan Millat, led by Ajmal Shams
Afghanistan Labour Revolutionary Organisation Sazman-e Enqelabi-ye Kargaran-e Afghanistan ALRO     rad. left., ex-mao.   in ASP split from ALO in 1996, led by Adil Afghani
Afghanistan Liberation Organization Sazman-e Raha-ye Afghanistan
سازمان رهایی افغانستان
ALO   e-mail mao. ex-Chin. - f. 1973 as Revolutionary Group of the Peoples of Afghanistan
Afghanistan People's Liberation Organization Sazman-e Azadibakhsh-e Mardom-e Afghanistan SAMA     mao.   - f. 1978
Afghanistan Socialist Association       e-mail     - f. in 1999
New Afghanistan Solidarity Party Hezb-e Hambastagi Afghanistan
حزب همبستگی افغانستان
ASP Hambastagy Ghag e-mail 0.073%
2 cand.
alliance of 6 parties; led by Abdul Khaleq Ne'mat
New All Nation Movement for Democracy and Progress of Afghanistan Nahzat-e Faragir-e Democracy wa Taraqi-e Afghanistan com. ICS - led by Sher Mohammad Buzgar, founded by former members of Parcham wing of PDPA
Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan Hezb-e Komunist-e (Maoist-e) Afghanistan
حزب كمونيست (مائوئيست) افغانستان
  Shola-ye Javid e-mail mao. RIM - f. 2004 by merger of Communist Party of Afghanistan with other groups
New Democratic Party of Afghanistan Hezb-e Demokrat-e Afghanistan
حزب دموکرات افغانستان
1 cand.
founded by former members of Parcham wing of PDPA, led by Abdul Kabir Ranjbar
Democratic Watan Party of Afghanistan Hezb-e Watan Demokratik-e Afghanistan
حزب "وطن" دموکراتیک افغانستان
DWPA Democracy e-mail ex-com. ex-WMR - f. 1965 as People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan, Homeland (Watan) Party since 1990, DWPA since 2002, controlled by former Parcham wing
New Kabul Accord Payman-e Kabul soc. dem. - f. 2002 by 7 organizations (SAZA, Wolesi Mellat)
New Labour Group Goroh-e Kar Uzbek PDPA faction f. in the 1960s, split from it in 1992, joined the party of general Dostum and left after the Afghanistan invasion.
Left Radical of Afghanistan Chap-e Radikal Afghanistan   Dunia-e Naw e-mail rad. left.   -  
Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan         mao. ICMLPO[M] -  
New National Congress Party Hezb-e Kangre-ye Milli
حزب کنگره ملیافغانستان
13 cand.
f. 2003 mainly by former SAZA and Parcham members, led by Abdul Latif Pedram
New National Party Hezb-e Milli
حزب ملی افغانستان
5 cand.
founded by former members of Khalq wing of PDPA, led by Abdul Rashid Aryan
New National Solidarity Movement Junbesh-e Hambastagi Milli - f. 2002 by majority of Labour Group, led by Engineer Ahmad and Enyatollah Edoyat
National United Party Hezb-e Muttahed-e Milli
حزب متحد ملی
      soc. dem.   0.031%
8 cand.
f. 2003 by members of the Parcham faction of former PDPA, led by Noorul Haq Uloomi
New National Unity Party Hezb-e Wahdat-e Milli Afghanistan
حزب وحدت ملی افغانستان
soc. dem. 0.12%
6 cand.
f. as Organisation for National Unity of Afghanistan (ONUA) in 1986 by members of Khalq faction of PDPA and supporters of Hafizullah Amin, led by Abdul Rashid Jalili
New National Uprising Party Hezb-e Rastakhaiz-e Milli - founded by former members of Parcham wing of PDPA
New Patriotic Unity Party of Afghanistan Hezb-e Paiwand-e Miahani-ye Afghanistan
حزب پیوند میهنی افغانستان
Paiwand-e Maihani Afghanistan 0,18%
12 cand.
led by Sayed Kamal Sadat
New Peace Movement of Afghanistan Da Afghanistan Da Solay Ghorzang Gond
د افغانستان د سولی غورځنگ ګوند
4 cand.
f. 1993 by former defence minister Shahnawaz Tanai
People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan Hezb-e Demokratik-e Khalq-e Afghanistan
حزب دموکراتيک خلق افغانستان
PDPA     com. ICS - split from Homeland Party, led by Sulaiman Laeq
New People's Nation Wolesi Millat soc. dem. - split from Afghan Millat
Revolutionary Movement of Afghanistan   Hajama     mao.   -  
New Revolutionary Organisation of the Toilers of Afghanistan Sazman-e Enqelabi-ye Zahmatkashanha-ye Afghanistan SAZA ex-mao. - f. 1968 as Setim-e Milli, refounded in 2002, led by Manbullah Kushani
New Section of the International Marxist Tendency tro. IMT -
New Welfare Party of Afghanistan Hezb-e Refah-e Afghanistan
حزب رفاه افغانستان
founded by members of Khalq faction of PDPA, led by Meer Mohammad Asef Zaeefi
Workers Socialist Organization of Afghanistan Sazman-e Sosiyalistha-ye Kargaran-e Afghanistan   Asre Jadid, Kargari Sapa e-mail left. com.   - f. 2002
*political parties received very few votes because most of the candidates stood as independents

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