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Last update: September 24, 2006

Parl. '05*
Albanian Communist Party Partia Komuniste Shqiptare PKSH Zeri i së Vertetes e-mail stal. ICS, ICMLPO[H] 0.65% 0.28%
76 cand.
f. 1991 by faction of PSS, led by Hysni Milloshi
Albanian Environmental Party Partia Shqiptare Ambientaliste PSHA     green   in PSHS+PUK led by Nasi Bozheku
New Albanian Green League Lidhja e Blertë Shqiptare LBS   e-mail green   0.13% 0.047%
20 cand.
f. 2005, led by Brixhida Kokëdhima
Albanian Green Party Partia e Blertë Shqiptare PBS   e-mail green   - - f. 1991, led by Nevruz Maluka
New Albanian Socialist Alliance Aleanca Socialiste Shqiptare 0.48% 0.018%
2 cand.
led by Rasim Mulgeci
Communist Party of Albania "8 November" Partia Komuniste e Shqipërisë "8 Nëntori" PKSH 8 Nentori   e-mail stal.   - 0.0091%
2 cand.
led by P. Çuni
New Labour Party of Albania Partia e Punës e Shqipërisë PPSH 8 Nentori  fax: +355-42-33164 stal. ICS 0.68% 0.25%
60 cand.
f. 2002 by faction of Communist Party (PKSH) and Party of United Communists (PKBSH), led by Muharrem Xhafa
New National Unity Party Partia e Unitetit Kombëtar PUK left. nat. in PSHS+PUK led by Idajet Beqiri
New Party for Defence of Workers Rights Partia për Mbrojtjen e të Drejtave të Punëtorëve in PSHS+PUK led by Kadri Mehmet Isufaj
New Social Albanian Parties and National Unity Party Partitë Shqiptare Sociale dhe Partia e Unitetit Kombëtar PSHS + PUK 0.24% 0.10% electoral alliance, f. 2005, led by Idajet Beqiri
New Social Democracy Party Partia Demokracia Sociale PDS     soc. dem.   4.24% 0.62%
100 cand.
f. 2003 as split from PDS, led by Paskal Milo
Social Democratic Party of Albania Partia Socialdemokratike e Shqipërisë PSD   fax: +355-42-23338 soc. dem. SI 12.73% 1.34%
98 cand.
f. 1991, led by Skender Gjinushi
Socialist Movement for Integration Lëvizja Socialiste për Integrim LSI   e-mail soc. dem.   8.40% 8.23%
100 cand.
f. 2004 as split from PSS, led by Ilir Meta
Socialist Party of Albania Partia Socialiste e Shqipërisë PSS Zëri i Popullit, Sot e-mail soc. dem., ex-stal. SI, ex-SU, ex-Chin. 8.88% 39.43%
100 cand.
f. 1941, until 1991 Labour Party of Albania (Partia e Punës e Shqipërisë), led by Edi Rama
New The Greens of Albania Të Gjelbërit e Shqipërisë     e-mail green EFGP obs. - 0.0018%
2 cand.
f. 2001, led by Edlir Petanaj
Union of Albanian Workers Lëvizja Punëtore Shqiptare     rad. left.   in PSHS+PUK led by Shefqet Musaraj

* Mixed voting system: 40 deputies directly elected by proportional representation and national party lists (1st column) and 100 deputies directly elected in single-member constituencies (2nd column)
Parties probably disbanded
Albanian Ecological Party (Partia Ekologjike Shqiptare), Albanian New Socialist Party (Partia e Re Socialiste), Social Workers Party of Albania (Partia Social Punëtore ë Shqipërisë, PSP)

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