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Last update: September 27, 2005

Parl. '04
Agrarian Party Agrarnaia Partyia     fax: +375-172-495018 left. soc.   2.60%
4 cand.
f. 1994
All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Vsesaiuznaia Kamunistychnaia Partyia (Bal'shavikou) VKP(B) Vpered e-mail stal. Belarusian section of VKP(b) no part. member of MLKP
Autonomous Action Avtonomnoe Deistvie AD   e-mail anar. linked to Russian AD no part. f. 2002
Belarusian Anarchist Front Belaruskaia Anarkhistichnaia Front BAF   e-mail anar.   no part. f. 2002
Belarusian Ecological Party "Greens" Belaruskaia Ekalagichnaia Partyia "Zialionykh"       green   no part. f. 1998
Belarusian Ecological Union       fax: +375-17-2265942 green   no part.  
Belarusian Greens Party Belaruskaia Partyia Zialionyikh     e-mail green   no part. f. 1992
Belarusian Party of Communists Partyia Kamunistau Belaruskaia PKB Tovarishch, Mi y Vremya e-mail com.   2.84%
27 cand.
f. 1991
Belarusian Party of Labour Belaruskaia Partyia Pratsy BPT   e-mail soc. dem. EESDF no part. f. 1993
Belarusian Republican Movement "For the Union and the Communist Party of the Union"   Vernost     stal. KPSS[OS] no part. f. 2001
Belarusian Social Democratic Assembly Belaruskaia Satsyial-Demakratichnaia Hramada Hramada   e-mail soc. dem.   1.07%
11 cand.
f. 1991, led by Stanislau Shushkevich
Belarusian Social Democratic Party (People's Assembly) Belaruskaia Satsyial Demakratichnaia Partyia (Narodnaia Hramada)     e-mail soc. dem. SI cons., EESDF 3.40%
32 cand.
Belarusian Women's Party "Hope" Belaruskaia Partyia Zhanchyn "Nadzeia"     e-mail soc. dem.   no part. f. 1994
Communist Party of Belarus Kamunistychnaia Partyia Belarusi KPB Mi y Vremya fax: +375-12-206850 com. SKP-KPSS 5.99%
10 cand.
split from PKB in 1996
Confederation of Active Initiatives "Together!"   KDS "Razam!"   e-mail left. rad.   no part. f. 2001 by FAB, Red Flag Org. and others
Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalists   KRAS     anar. syn. AIT no part.  
Federation of Anarchists of Belarus
Federatsii Anarkhistau Belarusi FAB Anarkhiya   anar. com.   no part. active in KRAS, f. 1992
Marxist-Leninist Union of the Communists   MLKP     stal.   no part. alliance f. 1994
Movement for Democracy, Social Progress and Justice Ab'iadnannia "Za Demakratyiu, Satsyial'ny Pragres i Spraviadlivasts'" DSPS     stal.   no part. f. 1991, alliance dominated by KPB
Red Flag Organization Organizaciya Chervony Zhond   Navinki, other page e-mail rad. left..   no part. f. 1995
Republican Party of Labour and Justice Respublikanskaia Partyia Pratsy i Spraviadlivastsi RPPS Central'nuya Gasetu fax: +375-172-238641 soc. dem.   no part. f. 1993
Revolutionary Justice Party     Basta! tel.: +375-172-481781 tro. UIT no part. f. 1997
Revolutionary Party of Communists   RPK     com. part of Russian RPK no part. f. 2000 by Fighting Proletarian Union (BPS)
Social Democratic Party of People's Concord Satsyial-Demakratychnaia Partyia Narodnai Zgody       soc. dem.   0.40%
4 cand.
Workers Democracy         tro.   no part. identical with Russian group
Workers' Union             no part.  

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