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Last update: February 28, 2005

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African Movement for New Independance and Democracy Mouvement africain pour la nouvelle indépendance et la démocratie MANIDEM Kamerun Nouveau tel. +237-3422750 com. ex-SU no part. split from UPC-MANIDEM in 1995; led by Anicet Ekane
Alliances of Progressive Forces Alliance des Forces Progressistes AFP         not existing f. 2002 as split from SDF, led by Saïdou Maïdadi Yaya
Cameroon Peoples Union [Nlend] Union des Populations du Cameroun [Nlend] UPC-N   e-mail     joint lists with UPC-K f. 1998 by splits from UPC-Ntumazah and UPC-Kodock, led by Henri Hogbe Nlend, in government
Cameroon Peoples Union [Kodock] Union des Populations du Cameroun [Kodock] UPC-K La Voix du Kamerun/The Voice of Kamerun   ex-mao.   1.51% f. 1991 by most UPC factions, led by Augustin-Frédéric Kodock
Cameroon Peoples Union [Mack-Kit] Union des Populations du Cameroun [Mack-Kit]           no part. Rest of UPC [Ntumazah], f. 1996 by different UPC factions, mainly former UPC-MANIDEM; led by Samuel Mack-Kit
Cameroonian Socialist Party Parti Socialiste Camerounais PSC         no part. led by Jean-Pierre Dembele
Communist Party of Cameroon Parti Communiste du Cameroun PCC   tel. +237-2236157 com.   no part. f. 1993, led by Ngambi J. Pierre
Defense of the Cameroonian Environment Defense de l'Environnement Camerounais DEC   e-mail green FPEA no part. led by Jean Nke Ndih
Democratic Socialist Party Parti Démocrate-Socialiste PDS     soc. dem.   no part. f. 1999 as split from Parti Socialiste Démocratique which merged with SDF in 1997, led by Jean Michel Tekam
Front of Alternative Forces Front des Forces Alternatives FFA   e-mail     not existing alliance f. 2003
Ecologists' Movement of Cameroon Mouvement des Ecologistes du Cameroun   e-mail green   no part. f. 1998, led by Fritz Pierre Ngo
Movement for the Liberation and Development of Cameroon Mouvement pour la Libération et le Développement du Cameroun MLDC   tel. +237-3464431     no part. f. 1996, split from UPC, led by Marcel Yando
Movement for Democracy and Interdependance Mouvement pour la Démocratie et l'Interdépendance MDI   e-mail   ICS no part. f. 1991 as Mouvement d'Action Populaire pour la Libération et le Panafricanisme, led by Djeukam Tchameni
Section of the ILCWI         tro. ILCWI no part.  
Social Democratic Front Social Democratic Front SDF   e-mail soc. dem. SI cons. 16.96% f. 1990, led by John Fru Ndi
Social Program for Liberty and Democracy - Moral Rebellion Programme Social pour la Liberté et la Démocratie - Rébellion Morale PSLD   e-mail     no part. led by Mboua Massok
Union of African Peoples Union des Populations Africaines UPA   tel. +237-2214008     no part. f. 1996, led by Hubert Kamgang

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