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Last update: April 20, 2005

Parl. '03
China Democracy Party         soc. dem.     f. 1991
Chinese Labor Party       e-mail soc. dem.     f. 1999, led by Fang Yuan
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Zhongguo Renmin Zhengzhi Xieshang Huiyi CPPCC           f. 1949, alliance of nine parties dominated by CPC
China Association for Promoting Democracy Zhongguo Minzhu Cujin Hui             f. 1945
China Democratic League Zhongguo Minzhu Tongmeng             f. 1941
China Democratic National Construction Association Zhongguo Minzhu Jianguo Hui             f. 1945
China Party for Public Interests Zhongguo Zhi Gong Dang             f. 1925
China Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party Zhongguo Nonggong Minzhudang             f. 1930 as Provisional Action Committee of the Guomindang
China Revolutionary Committee of the Guomindang Zhongguo Guomindang Geming Weiyuanhui             f. 1948
September 3 Society Jiu San Xuehui             f. 1944
Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League Taiwan Minzhu Zizhi Tongmeng             f. 1947
Communist Party of China Zhongguo Gongchandang CPC Renmin Ribao, People's Daily, Qiu Shi e-mail mao.   2130 of 2979 seats f. 1921, led by Hu Jintao
Spark (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)       e-mail mao. Close to RIM    
The Proletarian Society     The Proletarian, The Trotskyist e-mail tro. CRFI   f. 2003 by Workers' International League and others

Hong Kong
Regional '04
April 5th Action       e-mail rad. left.   3.44 % split from Revolutionary Marxist League
Citizens Party       e-mail green     f. 1997
Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong   DAB   e-mail mao.   25.70% f. 1992 by supportes of CPC
Green Power       e-mail green      
Labor Party of Hong Kong       e-mail left. soc.     f. 2003
Labour Party Hong Kong Partido ng Manggagawa Hong Kong PM-LP The Worker/Obrero e-mail rad. left. close to philip. PMP   f. 2004
Pioneer Group     Pioneer e-mail tro. ex-USFI   founded as split from Revolutionary Marxist League in 1980
Revolutionary Communist Party     October Review (Shih Yueh P'ing Lun), English articles e-mail tro. close to USFI   f. in 1948, legally active as October Review Group since 1974
Spark Commune       e-mail mao.      

Regional '01
Progress Promoting Union União Promotora para o Progresso UNIPRO         15.03%  
Union for Development União para o Desenvolvimento           16.04%  

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