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Last update: May 6, 2005

Parl. '02
Citizens Movement New Country Movimiento Ciudadanos Nuevo País MCNP     left.soc.   20.30% split of MUPP-NP in 1997
Communist Party of Ecuador Partido Comunista del Ecuador PCE El Pueblo e-mail com. ex-CI, ex-WMR supported PS-FA f. 1925 as Socialist Party
Democratic Left Izquierda Democrática ID   fax: +593-2-564436 soc. dem. SI supported MCNP f. 1970
Green Horizon Horizonte Verde     e-mail green FGPA no part.  
Humanist Party Partido Humanista     e-mail     no part.  
January 21 Patriotic Society Party Partido Sociedad Patriótica 21 de Enero PSP   e-mail left. nat.   common list with MUPP-NP f. 2000, led by Lucio Gutiérrez
Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador Partido Comunista Marxista Leninista del Ecuador PCMLE En Marcha e-mail stal. ex-Alb., ICMLPO[H], ICS supported MPD legal wing is MPD; f. 1964 as split from PCE
Democratic Popular Movement Movimiento Popular Democrático MPD Patria Nueva, Opcion e-mail stal. FSP 5.15% front of PCMLE, f. 1978
Movement of the Revolutionary Left Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria MIR   e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 1965
Pachakutik Plurinational Unity Movement - New Country Movimiento Unidad Plurinacional Pachakutik - Nuevo País MUPP-NP   e-mail left. indigenist   10.06% (list of MUPP-NP and PSP) f. 1995
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Ecuador - People's Defenders Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias del Ecuador - Defensoras del Pueblo FARE-DP         no part. pol.-mil.
Revolutionary Socialist Workers' Organization Organización Socialista Revolucionaria de los Trabajadores OSRT     tro. SIQI no part.  
Workers' Party Partido de los Trabajadores PT     tro. ILCWI no part. f. 1991
Revolutionary Workers Organization Organización Revolucionaria de los Trabajadores ORT     tro. CITO no part.  
Socialist Democracy Current Corriente Democracia Socialista   Buscando América e-mail tro. USFI no part. f. 1992; active in MUPP-NP
Socialist Democracy - New Process Democracia Socialista - Nuevo Proceso       tro. USFI no part. split from Current for Socialist Democracy in 1997
Socialist Party-Broad Front Partido Socialista-Frente Amplio PS-FA   e-mail rad. left. CSL 1.95% merger in 1995 of PS (f. 1933)and FA (f. 1977 as front of PCE)
Vanguard - Socialist Workers' Movement Vanguardia - Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores   El Trabajador Socialista e-mail tro. UIT, ex-LIT no part. f. 1977; active in MUPP-NP
Workers' Party Partido de los Trabajadores PT     tro.   no part. f. 2000, led by Héctor Valdiviezo Brito
Workers' Party of Ecuador Partido de los Trabajadores del Ecuador PTE Amanacer Insurgente e-mail stal.   no part. split from PCMLE in 1996
*Results for the elections to the Parlamento Andino. Percentages for the parliamentary elections cannot be calculated because there were no national but only provincial lists. Many parties candidated in different alliances.

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