Leftist Parties of the World

Great Britain

Last update: November 27, 2005

Parl. '05
Alliance for Green Socialism AGS Under the Umbrella e-mail left. green   0.0073%
5 cand.
f. 2003 by Green Socialist Network and Left Alliance
Alliance for Workers' Liberty AWL Workers' Liberty e-mail tro.   see Socialist Unity f. 1981 as Socialist Organiser
Anarchist Federation   Organise! e-mail anar. com. IAF no part. f. 1986 as Anarchist Communist Federation
Anarchist Workers Network AWN     anar. syn.   no part. f. 2003 by Anarchist Trade Union Networt
Black Unity and Freedom Party BUFP Black Voice   left. black nat.   no part.  
British Supporters of the International Liaison Comittee for a Workers' International   Workers' Unity e-mail tro. ILCWI no part. f. 1991 as British Committee of the European Workers' Alliance
British Supporters of the International Trotskyist Opposition   In Defense of Marxism e-mail tro. CRFI, ITO no part. split from ISG
Class War Federation   Class War e-mail rad. left.   no part.  
Communist League CL   e-mail tro. SWP no part. f. 1988
Communist League of Great Britain   Compass, Combat e-mail stal. ISML, ex-Alb. no part. f. 1974 as split from Marxist-Leninist Organisation of Britain (MLOB)
Communist Organisation of Britain COB     stal.   no part. f. 1983 as Communist Organisation of England
Communist Party Alliance   International Marxist-Leninist Review e-mail stal. ISML no part. f. 1998 as Committee for the Marxist Leninist Party
Communist Party of Britain CPB Morning Star, Communist Review e-mail com.   0.0041%
6 Cand.
f. 1988 as split from CPGB
Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) CPB(M-L) Workers e-mail stal., ex-mao. ex-Chin. no part. f. 1968
Communist Party of Great Britain CPGB Weekly Worker e-mail rad. left.   in Respect f. 1991 as split from original CPGB
Alliance of Revolutionary Communists     e-mail tro.     f. 2003
Red Platform     e-mail rad. left.     f. 2004
Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) CPGB(ML) Proletarian e-mail stal.   no part. f. 2004 as split from SLP, led by Zane Carpenter and Harpal Brar
Communist Workers' Organization other page CWO Revolutionary Perspectives, Workers' Voice e-mail left. com. IBRP no part. f. 1975
Co-operative Party   New Mutualism   soc. dem.   on Labour lists f. 1917
Democratic Labour Party DLP     left. soc.   0.0028%
1 cand.
f. 1996 as split from Labour Party in Wallsall
Democratic Socialist Alliance DSA e-mail rad. left. not existing f. 2005 as split from Democratic Platform of the Socialist Alliance
EPSR supporters    Economic and Philosophic Science Review e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 1982 as International Leninist Workers Party
Fightback    Fightback e-mail rad. left.   no part. split from RCG in 2001
Finsbury Communist Association   Finsbury Communist   stal. ISML no part.  
Green Party of England and Wales     e-mail green EFGP 1.04%
179 cand.
f. 1985
Humanist Party HP   e-mail hum IH no part.  
Independent Labour Network ILN     left. soc.   no part. f. 1998 by former Labour Party members
Industrial Workers of the World IWW Bread & Roses e-mail anar. syn. IWW no part. refounded in 1993
Internationalist Communist Current ICC World Revolution   left. com. ICC no part.  
International Communist Party [Communist Left] ICP Communist Left   left. com PCI-IPaC no part.  
International Socialist Group ISG Socialist Outlook e-mail tro. USFI, EACL in Respect f. 1985 as split from Socialist League
International Socialist League ISL Socialist Voice e-mail tro. LIT no part. f. 1988 as split from WRP of Cliff Slaughter
Internationalist Perspective       left. com. IP no part.  
Labour Party     e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES 35,19%
627 cand.
f. 1900
Campaign for Labour Party Democracy CLPD   e-mail left. soc.     f. 1973
Campaign for Socialism CfS the Citizen e-mail left. soc.      
Compass     e-mail soc. dem.     f. 2003
Fabian Society     e-mail center left.     f. 1884
Labour Left Briefing LLB Labour Left Briefing e-mail left. soc.      
Labour Reform       soc. dem.      
Network of Socialist Campaign Groups SCG Netwotk News e-mail left. soc.      
Save the Labour Party     e-mail soc. dem.     f. 2003
Socialist Campaign Group   Socialist Campaign Group News e-mail left. soc.     group of Labour MPs
London Corresponding Committee   The Hobgoblin e-mail rad. left. MH no part.  
Marxist Bulletin   Marxist Bulletin e-mail tro. IBT no part. split from Spartacist League in 1995 as Bolshevik Tendency
Marxist Group   The Marxist e-mail rad. left., ex-mao.   no part. formerly the Marxist Industrial Group
Movement for a Socialist Future MSF Socialist Future e-mail ex-tro. FIC no part. split as Communist League from Marxist Party in 1991
Movement for Socialism MFS Reclaim the Future e-mail tro. ex-WIRFI, ISF no part. f. 1996 by WRP of Cliff Slaughter
Movements for Socialism       rad. left.   no part. split from the Socialist Party
New Communist Party NCP The New Worker e-mail stal. ICS no part. f. 1977 as split from CPGB
New Democratic Party NDP   e-mail center left.   no part. f. 2001
New Politics Network     e-mail left. soc. ex-CI, ex-WMR, NELF no part. rest of Democratic Left, the former CPGB
Northern Anarchist Network NAN   e-mail anar.   no part. f. 1994
Partisan     e-mail stal.   no part. split from NCP in 1985
Peace and Progress     e-mail left. soc.   0.0012%
2 cand.
f. 2004 by Marxist Party
Peace Party     e-mail     no part.  
Red Action   Red Action e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 1982 as split from SWP
Independent Working Class Association IWCA   e-mail rad. left.   0.0033%
1 cand.
f. 1995 by Red Action and others
Red Party   Red Star e-mail rad. left.   not existing f. 2004 by splits from AWL, CPGB, Peace Party
Respect - The Unity Coalition     e-mail broad left.   0.25%
26 cand.
f. 2004 by Socialist Alliance and Independents
Revolutionary Communist Group RCG Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 1974 as split from International Socialists
Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) RCPB-ML   e-mail stal. ex-Alb. no part. f. 1979
Revolutionary Democratic Group RDG Republican Worker e-mail tro.   no part. f. 1983 as split from SWP
Revolutionary Internationalist League RIL Revolutionary Internationalist   tro. ITC no part. f. 1983 as Workers Internationalist League
Movement for Justice     e-mail     no part. f. 1995, auxiliary org. og RIL
Revolutionary Workers' Party (Trotskyist) RWP(T) Red Flag   tro. PFI no part. f. 1963
Socialist Action Group   Socialist Action Review e-mail tro. ex-USFI no part. f. as Socialist League in 1982
Socialist Alliance SA   e-mail rad. left.   0.0018%
2 cand.
refounded 2005 by the Democratic Platform (SADP) of the original Socialist Alliance
Socialist Appeal   Socialist Appeal, In Defense of Marxism e-mail tro. IMT no part. f. 1992 as split from Militant Tendency
Socialist Equality Party SEP   e-mail tro. ICFI no part. f. as International Communist Party in 1986 as split from WRP of Cliff Slaughter
Socialist Green Unity Coalition     e-mail rad. left.   see results of participating groups f. 2005 by SP, AGS, AWL, SADP, SUN, USP, Red Party, WP
Socialist Labour Party SLP Socialist News e-mail stal.   0.074%
49 cand.
f. 1996 as split from Labour Party
Socialist Party SP The Socialist, Socialism Today e-mail tro. CWI 0.035% as Soc. Alternative
17 cand.
f. 1997 by Militant Labour (ex-Militant Tendency)
Socialist Party of Great Britain [1904] SPGB Socialist Standard e-mail rad. left. WSM 0.00088%
1 cand.
f. 1904
Socialist Party of Great Britain [1991] SPGB Socialist Studies e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 1991 as split from SP
Socialist Solidarity Network SSN RedShift e-mail rad. left.   no part. mostly former SP members
Socialist Unity Network     e-mail rad. left.   0.0021%
2 cand.
f. 2004
Socialist Workers' Party SWP Socialist Worker, Socialist Review, International Socialism Journal e-mail tro. IS, EACL in Respect f. 1977 by International Socialists
Solidarity Federation SF direct action e-mail anar. syn. AIT no part. f. 1994
Spartacist League/Britain SL/B Workers Hammer   tro. ICL no. part. f. 1978
State Mutualist Party SMP   e-mail soc. dem.   no. part.  
The United Socialist Party TUSP   e-mail rad. left.   no. part. f. 2004 by former dockers and Labour councillers from Liverpool
Workers Action   Workers Action e-mail tro.   no part. f. 1997 as split from Workers International League (WIL)
Workers' Fight   Class Struggle e-mail tro. UCI no part.  
Workers Front Organization WFO     tro. ITLT no part. f. 2004
Workers International to Refound the Fourth International (British Section)     e-mail tro. WIRFI no part. f. 1999 as split from Movement for Socialism
Workers Power   Workers Power e-mail tro. L5I no part. f. 1976
Workers' Revolutionary Party WRP News Line, Marxist Review e-mail tro. ICFI2 0.0046%
10 cand.
f. 1986 after split from original WRP
Workers Struggle   Workers Struggle e-mail tro. LCMRCI no part. f. 1997 as split from Workers Power
World in Common Group   Common Voice e-mail rad. left. green   no part. f. 2002

Cornish National Party   CNP     left. nat.     f. 1975 as split from Party for Cornwall
Party for Cornwall / Sons of Cornwall Mebyon Kernow     e-mail left. nat. DPPE 0.013%, 4 cand. f. 1951

Isle of Man
Manx Nationalist Party / Sons of Man Mec Vannin   Yn Pabyr Seyr e-mail left. nat.     f. 1962

Anarchist Federation Alba/Scotland An Caidreachas Ain-riaghailteach   Ar-A-mach e-mail anar. com. IAF no part. part of Anarchist Federation of the British Isles
Communist Party of Scotland   CPS CPS Bulletin, Scottish Marxist Voice e-mail com.   supported SSP f. 1992 as split from CPGB
Humanist Party of Scotland       e-mail hum. IH no part.  
Scottish Federation of Anarchists   SFA Scottish Anarchist e-mail anar.   no part.  
Scottish Green Party PÓrtaidh Uaine na h-Alba   GreenPrint e-mail green EFGP see Green Party of England and Wales seperated from Green Party of England and Wales in 1992
Scottish National Liberation Army    SNLA     left. nat.   no part. pol.-mil.
Scottish Separatist Group Comunn Dealachadh na h-Alba SSG   e-mail left. nat.   no part. legal wing of SLNA, f. 1995
Scottish National Party   SNP   e-mail left. nat. DPPE 1.52%
59 cand.
f. 1934
Scottish Socialist Party   SSP Scottish Socialist Voice e-mail rad. left. EACL 0.16%
58 cand.
f. 1996
International Socialist Movement   ISM Frontline e-mail tro. ex-CWI   f. 1999, formerly Scottish Militant Labour
International Socialists     International Socialist e-mail tro. CWI   f. 2001 as split from ISM

Republican Communist Network

  RCN Emancipation and Liberation e-mail rad. left. nat.     f. 1999
Scottish Republican Socialist Movement   SRSM Scottish Workers Republic e-mail left. nat.     f. 1982 as Scottish Republican Socialist Party
Socialist Worker Platform           tro. IS   f. 2001 by the Scottish members of the SWP
Workers Unity       e-mail rad. left.      

Communist Party of Wales Plaid Gomiwnyddol Cymru     Tel. +845-3306754 rad. left. nat.   no part. f. 2004
Forward Wales Cymru Ymlaen     e-mail left. soc.   0.013%
6 cand.
f. 2003, led by John Marek
Party of Wales Plaid Cymru PC   e-mail left. nat. DPPE 0.64%, 40 cand. f. 1925
Red Wales, the Welsh Socialists Cymru Goch   Y Faner Goch e-mail rad. left. nat.   in Forward Wales f. 1987
Parties probably disbanded
Communist Unity Group, Marxist Workers' Group (MWG), Marxist-Leninist Society of Scotland, Workers Party of Scotland

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