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Last update: July 1, 2004

Parl. '03
Authentic Integral Development Desarrollo Integral Auténtico DIA   e-mail center left.   2.95% f. 1995, led by Jorge Luis Ortega Torres
Democratic Encounter of the Left Encuentro Democrático de Izquierda EDI   e-mail center left.   no legal party f. 2000
Guatemalan Democratic Socialist Party Partido Socialista Democrático Guatemalteco PSDG   tel.: +502-8191588 soc. dem.   no legal party f. 2002, led by Otto Nery Mazariegos de Léon
Guatemalan Labour Party - National Leading Nucleus Partido Guatemalteco del Trabajo - Núcleo de Dirección Nacional PGT-ND     com.   no legal party f. 1978 as split from PGT
Guatemalan Social Democratic Party Partido Socialdemocráta Guatemalteco PSDG     soc. dem.   no legal party f. 2003, led by Roger Anibal Valenzuela
Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca URNG   e-mail left. soc. FSP 4.20% f. 1982 as alliance, party since 1997, led by Alba Estela Maldonado
Nacional Unity of Hope Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza UNE   e-mail center left.   17.92% f. 2001, led by Alvaro Colom Caballeros
New Nation Alliance Alianza Nueva Nación ANN   e-mail left. soc.   4.85% alliance, f. 1999 by URNG, DIA, FDNG and UNID, refounded 2002 by UNID, FDS and CR
Corriente por el Rescate Revolucionario Current for Revolutionary Rescue     e-mail left. soc.   - split from URNG in 2002, mainly former Rebel Armed Forces (FAR), led by Jorge Soto ("Rodrigo Asturias")
Democratic Solidarity Front Frente Democrático Solidaridad FDS   e-mail left. soc.   - f. 2000 after split from FDNG in 1999, led by Nineth Montenegro
Unity of the Democratic Left Unidad de Izquierda Democrática UNID   e-mail left. soc.   - f. 1997, led by Julio César Macías ("César Montes")
Social Democratic Convergence Convergencia Social Demócrata CSD     soc. dem. SI cons. no legal party f. 2000, led by Fernando Enrique De León
The Greens Guatemala Los Verdes Guatemala       green   no legal party f. 1991 as Unión Reformista Social
Parties probably disbanded
Autonomous Movement of the Masses (Movimiento Autónomo de Masas), Rebel Front of the People (Frente Rebelde del Pueblo, FRP)

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