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Last update: July 15, 2004

Communist Party of Iran Hezb-e Komunist-e Iran CPI Jahan-e Emrouz e-mail rad. left., ex-mao.   f. 1983
Kurdistan Organisation of the Communist Party of Iran Sazman-e Kordestan-e Hezb-e Komunist-e Iran Komalah Peshraw e-mail rad. left., ex-mao.   rest of Komala that didn't leave CPI in 2000
Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) Hezb-e Komunist-e Iran (Marksist-e Leninist-e Maoist-e) CPI(MLM) Haqiqat e-mail mao. RIM f. 1979 as Union of Iranian Communists (Sarbedaran)
Democratic People's Party of Iran Hezb-e Demokratik-e Mardom-e Iran DPPI Rah-e Azadi e-mail left. soc.   f. 1988 as split from Tudeh Party
Freedom Council Anjoman Azadi     e-mail rad. left. MH  
Green Party of Iran Hezb-e Zabz Hayeh Iran     e-mail green    
Internationalist Workers Organization Tashkilat-e Kargaran-e Anternasionalist IWO Peyke Anternasionalisti e-mail left. com.   f. 1997
Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas Cherikha-ye Feda'i-ye Khalq-e Iran IPFG Payam-e Feda'i-ye e-mail rad. left.   pol.-mil., f. 1979 as split from OIPFG
Iranian Revolutionary Socialists' League Ettehadi-ye Sosiyalistha-ye Enqelabi-ye Iran IRSL Kargar-e Sosiyalist e-mail tro. IMT f. 1995
Jungle - New Communist Movement of Iran Jangal - Jonbesh-e Novin-e Komunisti-ye Iran   Jangal e-mail      
Labour Council Shora-ye Kar   Komun e-mail     split fom OIPFG(Minority)
Labour Party of Iran Hezb-e Kar-e Iran Tufan Tufan e-mail stal. ex-Alb., ICMLPO[H] f. 1965 as Marxist-Leninist Organization Tufan (Storm)
Minority Cell Hasteh Aqaliyat     e-mail rad. left.   split fom OIPFG (Minority)
National Council of Resistance of Iran Shura-ye Melli-ye Moqavamat-e Iran NCRI Shura e-mail     f. 1981, alliance dominated by PMOI, pol.-mil.
National Democratic Front Jebheh-ye Demokratik-e Melli NDF Azadi e-mail     alliance, f. 1979 as split from National Front
Organization of Fedaian (Minority) Sazman-e Feda'iyan-e (Aqaliyat)   Kar, Against the Current e-mail rad. left. ICS f. 1980 as OIPFG(Minority), split from OIPFG
Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas Sazman-e Cherikha-ye Feda'i-ye Khalq-e Iran OIPFG Kar e-mail stal. ICS f. 1985, one successor of OIPFG(Minority), pol.-mil.
Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas [In Search of Identity Program] Sazman-e Cherikha-ye Feda'i-ye Khalq-e Iran [Peyro-ye Barnameh-ye Hoviyat] OIPFG [Hoviyat] Nabard-e Khalq e-mail     f. 1983, one successor of OIPFG(Minority), pol.-mil.
Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian (Majority) Sazman-e Feda'iyan-e Khalq-e Iran (Aksariyat) OIPFM Kar e-mail left. soc.   f. 1971 as OIPFG
Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran Sazman-e Kargaran-e Enqelabi-ye Iran (Rah-e Kargar) ORWI Rah-e Kargar, iran bulletin e-mail rad. left.   f. 1979 by former members of OIPFG
Organization of the Communist Fedaian League Sazman-e Ettehad-e Feda'iyan-e Komunist-e   Kar Komunist e-mail      
Organization of the Union of People's Fedaian of Iran Sazman-e Ettehad-e Feda'iyan-e Khalq-e Iran EFKI / UPFI Ettehad-e Kar e-mail rad. left.   f. 1994
Party of the Masses of Iran Hezb-e Tudeh-ye Iran   Nameh Mardom, Donya, Rahe Tudeh e-mail com. ex-WMR, ICS f. 1941
People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran Sazman-e Mojahedin-e Khalq-e Iran PMOI Mojahed, Iran Liberation e-mail ex-left. islamist   pol.-mil., f. 1965
Provisional Council of Iranian Left Socialists Shora-ye Movaqqat-e Sosiyalistha-ye Chap-e Iran   Tarhi-ye no e-mail      
Revolutionary Labour Party of Iran Hezb-e Kar-e Enqelabi-ye Iran   Red Tufan e-mail mao.   f. 1977
Revolutionary Union of Iranian Left and Communists other page       e-mail     f. 2004
Socialism and Revolution Tendency (Project for Revolutionary Socialist Debate)       e-mail rad. left.    
Socialist Party of Iran Hezb-e Sosiyalist-e Iran SPI   e-mail rad. left.   f. 2002
Toilers Party of Iran Hezb-e Ranjbaran Iran     e-mail mao.   f. 1979 by Revolutionary Organisation of the Tudeh Party
Worker-Communist Party of Iran Hezb-e Komunist-e Kargaran-e Iran WPI Intirnasyunal e-mail rad. left., ex-mao.   split of CPI in 1991
Workers Left Unity Ettehad-e Chap-e Kargari WLU   e-mail rad. left.   alliance, f. 1994
Workers Politics Siasat-e Kargari     e-mail      
Workers Socialist Unity       e-mail      

Ahwazi Arab Renaissance Party Hizb al-Nahda al-Arabi al-Ahwazi     e-mail nasserite    
Ahwaz Liberation Organization       e-mail     f. 1990
Ahwaz Revolutionary Council       e-mail      
Popular Democratic Front for the Ahwazi Arab People Jabhah al-Dimuqratiyah al-Sha'biyah li'l-Sha'b al-'Arabi al-Ahwazi     e-mail left. nat.    

Democratic Party of Azerbaijan Azerbaycan Demokrat Firqesi / Ferqeh-ye Demokrat-e Azarbaijan     e-mail left. soc.   in tradition of party founded in 1945

Balushistani People's Party              

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan PartÓ DÍmokratÓ Kurdistan-Iran / Hezb-e Demokrat-e Kordestan-e Iran DPIK Kurdistan e-mail soc. dem. SI obs. f. 1945
Democratic Union of Iranian Kurdistan YekitÓ DÍmokratÓ Kurdistan-Iran YDKI   e-mail      
Free Life Party of Kurdistan Partiya JiyanÍ Azadi Kurdistan PJAK     left nat. close tu ex-PKK f. 2003
Kurdistan Independance Party Partiya SerxwebŻna Kurdistan PSK   e-mail     f. 1990
Revolutionaries Union of Kurdistan YekÓtiya SoresgerÍn Kurdistan RUK Baydakh e-mail      
Revolutionary Organisation of Toilers of Kurdistan-Iran Komalay ShorishgÍrÓ ZahmetkÍshanÓ Kurdistan Iran / Sazman-e Enqelabi-ye Zahmatkeshan-e Kordestan-e Iran Komala   e-mail rad. left., ex-mao.   f. 1969, joined CPI in 1982, split from it in 2000
Parties probably disbanded
Revolutionary Workers' Alliance of Iran (Workers Path) (Ettehad-e Kargaran-e Enqelabi-ye Iran (Rah-e Kargar))

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