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Last update: June 22, 2004

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Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)   CCP(M)     mao. RIM - f. 1964 as split from CCP (now CPSL)
Communist Party of Sri Lanka   CPSL   fax: +94-1-691610 com. ex-WMR in UPFA, 2 seats f. 1943 as split from LSSP
Democratic Left Front   DLF   tel.: +94-75-355631 left. soc.   in NLF f. 1999
Green Party Sri Lanka         green   -  
Lanka Equal Society Party Lanka Sama Samaja Party LSSP Samasamajaya tel.: +94-1-596903 left. soc. ex-USFI in UPFA, 1 seat f. 1935
Lanka Equal Society Party (Alternative Group) Lanka Sama Samaja Party (Alternative Group) LSSP(AG)         in NLF split from LSSP, led by Chandra Kumarage
Mass Freedom Front Bahujana Nidahas Peramuna BNP         - f. 1991 as split from SLMP
National Democratic Movement   NDM     rad. left.   in NLF led by Patrick Fernando
National Liberation People's Party Desha Vimukthi Janatha Pakshaya DVJP   tel.: +94-1-338812     in UPFA led by Nihal Perera Podiappuhamy
New Democratic Party   NDP New Democracy   mao.   in NLF f. 1991 by Sri Lanka Communist Party (Left)
New Equal Society Party Nava Sama Samaja Pakshaya NSSP Haraya e-mail tro. USFI, ex-CWI in NLF f. 1977 as LSSP(New Leadership)
New Left Front   NLF   e-mail rad. left.   0.091% f. 1998, alliance of NSSP, NDM, NDP
People's Liberation Front other page, other page, other page Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna JVP Sensakhti/Red Power, Niyamuva, Seenuwa e-mail left. nat.   in UPFA, 39 seats f. 1969 as split from CPSL(Marxist-Leninist)
People's Liberation Solidarity Front Jana Vimukthi Sahayogitha Peramuna PLSF/JVSP   tel. +94-72-625857     - f. 1997 as split from JVP
Peoples' United Front Mahajana Eksath Peramuna MEP   e-mail left. nat.   in UPFA, 2 seats f. 1951 after split from LSSP
Revolutionary Workers Party   RWP Panthi Satana   tro. ex-ILCC - f. 1968 as split from LSSP(r)
Section of CMI         tro. IMT -  
Socialist Equality Party   SEP Tholilalar Pathai, Kamkaru Mawatha fax: +94-74-612587 tro. ICFI(3) 0.000011% f. 1968 as split from LSSP(r)
Spartacist Group India/Lanka         tro. ICL - f. 1981 as split from RWP
Sri Lanka People's Party Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya SLMP     soc. dem.   in UPFA f. 1984 as split from Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)
Sri Lanka Progressive Front   SLPF   tel.: +94-1-826564 left. nat.   0.0088% f. 1996 as split from JVP
United People's Freedom Alliance Eksat Janata Nidahas Sandanaya UPPA   fax: +94-1-868915 center left.   45.60%, 105 seats f. 2003, alliance of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), JVP, LSSP, CPSL, SLMP, DVJP, MEP, National Unity Alliance (NUA)
United Socialist Party   USP Aramuna, Red Star e-mail tro. CWI 0.16% f. 1989 as split from NSSP

Tamil Organizations
Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front   ENDLF         - f. 1987 by splits from EPRLF, TELO and PLOTE
Eelam People's Democratic Party   EPDP   e-mail     0.27% f. 1986 as split from ERPLF
Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front [Suresh wing]   EPRLF[S]   tel.: +94-1-685826 left. nat.   on TNA list f. 1980, led by Suresh K. Premachandran
Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front [Varatharaja wing]   EPRLF[V]   fax: +94-1-552840 left. nat.   on EPDP list f. 2000 as split from EPRLF; led by Varatharaja Perumal
Eelam Revolutionary Organisation   EROS     left. nat.   supported EDPD f. 1990 by minority of original EROS, led by Shankar Raji
Eelavar Democratic Front   EDF Pothumai   left. nat.     f. 1989 by majority of Eelam Revolutionary Organisation (EROS) which joined LTTE
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam unofficial page   LTTE Viduthalai Puligal e-mail nat.   supported TNA f. 1976, pol.-mil.
People's Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam   PLOTE Tamil Muracu e-mail left. nat.   see DPLF f. 1979 as split from LTTE
Democratic People's Liberation Front   DPLF   tel. +94-1-586289     0.079%  
Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization   TELO   fax: +94-1-585620 left. nat.   on TNA list f. 1974
Tamil National Alliance   TNA         6.84% supported by LTTE f. 2001, alliance of Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC), EPRLF[V], TELO
Up-Country Peoples' Front       tel.: +94-1-528286     - led by Periyasamy Chandrasekeran
Parties probably disbanded
Proletarian Vanguard Organization of Ceylon, Workers Marxist League (WML), Workers Voice (Kamkaru Handa)

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