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Parl. '90
Communist Party of Burma [White Flag] Bama Pyi Comyuni Pati [Alan-Pyu] CPB Pyeithu Ah Nar   ex-mao. ex-chin. illegal f. 1939
Communist Party (Burma) (Red Flag) Comyuni Pati (Bama Pyi) (Alan-Ni)       stal.   illegal f. 1946 as split from CPB, leadership surrendered in 1970; led in Arakan state by Thaw Da
Democratic Party of Arakan         ex-mao.   illegal pol.-mil., forerunner was faction of Communist Party of Arakan led by Thein Phe
National League for Democracy       e-mail soc. dem.   59.93% f. 1988
National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Issak/Muivah)   NSCN(I/M)   e-mail mao.   ilegal pol.-mil., f. 1980 (NSCN), mainly active in India
National United Party of Arakan   NUPA         illegal pol.-mil., f. 1994 by merger of faction of Communist Party of Arakan with three other organizations

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