Leftist Parties of the World


Last update: April 8, 2005

Parl. '03
Democrats66 Democraten66 D66   e-mail left. lib. Liberal International 4.07% f. 1966
Free League Vrije Bond   Buiten de Orde e-mail anar. syn.   no part. f. 1990
Green Left GroenLinks   GroenLinks Magazine, De Helling e-mail green left. EFGP, NELF, Ex-CI (CPN) 5.14% f. 1989 by four parties
Group of Marxist-Leninists/Red Morning Groep van Marxisten-Leninisten/Rode Morgen GML/Rode Morgen Rode Morgen e-mail mao. ICMLPO[M] no part. f. 1976
Humanist Party Humanistische Partij     e-mail   IH no part. f. 1984
Independent League of Trade Organizations Onafhankelijk Verbond van Bedrijfsorganisaties OVB Nieuwe Strijd fax: +31-10-4771865 anar. syn.   no part. f. 1948
International Communist Current Internationale Kommunitische Stroming   Wereld Revolutie   left. com ICC no part.  
International Socialists Internationale Socialisten   De Socialist e-mail tro. IS no part. f. 1980s
Labour Party Partij van de Arbeid PvdA Nieuwsbrief e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES 27.26% f. 1894 as Social Democratic Workers' Party
League for the Fourth International   LFI     tro. LFI   f. 2002
New Communist Party of the Netherlands Nieuwe Communistische Partij van Nederland NCPN Manifest e-mail stal. ICS 0.050% f. 1992 by group that split from Communist Party of the Netherlands (CPN)
New Workers Party, marxists-leninists Setup Organization Nieuwe Arbeiderspartij - marxisten leninisten Opbouworganisatie NAP-ml Opbouworganisatie Rode Tribune e-mail stal. CIML no part.  
Pacifist Socialist Party '92 Pacifistisch Socialistische Partij '92 PSP'92 Socialistisch Initiatief e-mail left. soc.   no part. f. 1992 as split from PSP
Socialist Alternative Politics Socialistische Alternatieve Politiek SAP Grenzeloos e-mail tro. USFI no part. f. 1974 as International Communist league (IKB)
Socialist Party Socialistische Partij SP Tribune e-mail left. soc., ex-mao. NELF 6.32% f. 1971 as Communist Party of the Netherlands/Marxist-Leninist
Offensive Offensief   Offensief e-mail tro. CWI no part. f. 1977
The Greens De Groenen     e-mail green EFGP no part. f. 1983
United Communist Party Verenigde Communistische Parti VCP   e-mail com.   no part. f. 1999 as split from NCPN
Women's Party for Feminist Politics Vrouwenpartij voor Feministische Politiek     e-mail feminist   no part. f. 1989
Parties probably disbanded
Country-wide Anarchist Co-opration Association (Landelijk Anarchisties Samenwerkingsverband, LAS),
Marxist-Leninist Party of the Netherlands (establishing) (Marxistisch-Leninistische Partij Nederland (in oprichting), MLPN)

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