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Parl. '99
Communist Center of Nepal (Maoist)         mao.   not existing f. 2001
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
unofficial, unofficial 
Nepala Kamyunishta Parti (Maobadi) CPN(M) The Worker, Janadesh   mao. RIM, ICS boykott split from NCP(UC) in 1994, pol.-mil.
Kirat National Front   KNF     mao.   not existing f. 2003 by Limbuwan Liberation Front and Kirat Workers' Party
Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist) Nepala Kamyunishta Parti (Marksbadi) CPN(Marxist)   fax: +977-1-213328 mao.   0.094%
28 cand.
split from NCP(UML) in 1991
Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist) reconstituted   CPN(ML)reconstituted   fax: +977-1-231957     6.56%
197 cand.
f. 2002 as split from CPN(ML) that merged in CPN-UML
Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
Revolutionary Left Front
Nepal Samyabadi Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) CPN(MLM) or CPN(Malema)     mao.   0.0022%
3 cand.
f. 1991
Communist Party of Nepal (United) Nepal Communist Party (Sanyukta) CPN(United)   fax: +977-1-411642 com. ex-SU 0.059%
19 cand.
f. 1991
Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) Nepala Kamyunishta Parti (Ekikrit Marksbadi ra Leninbadi) NeKaPa(EMaLe)
Nawajug, Budhabar, New Era e-mail mao. ex-ICMLPO[M], ICS 31.61% CPN(UML)
6.56% CPN-ML
f. 1991, merged with CPN(ML) in 2002
Communist Party of Nepal (Unity Centre-Masal)
People's Front, Nepal
Communist Party of Nepal(Ekata Kendra-Masal)
Jana Morcha, Nepal
  e-mail mao. ex-RIM (CPN-M), ICS, ICMLPO[M] 0.86% (CPN-UC)
1.40% (CPN-M)
f. 2002 by merger of CPN-Masal and CPN-Unity Centre
Green Nepal Party Hariyali Nepal Party HNP   e-mail green   0.074%
45 cand.
f. 1996
National People's Liberation Party Rastriya Jana Mukti Party     fax: +977-1-417134     1.10%
130 cand.
f. 1992
Nepal Democratic Socialist Party         soc. dem.     f. 1990
Nepal People's Front Nepal Janabadi Morcha NJM Mukti-Morcha fax: +977-1-222353 rad. left.     f. 1976
Nepal Socialist Party             0.011%
6 cand.
spit from Congress Party in 1996
Nepal Workers' and Peasants' Party Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party Nemakipa, NWPP, NMKP Workers Weekly fax: +977-1-613207 mao.   0.56%
41 cand.
f. 1976
Nepali Congress (Democratic Socialist)                
Nepali Congress (Socialist)                
Nepali Congress Party   NC   e-mail soc. dem. SI 37.17%
205 cand.
f. 1950
Nepali Congress Party - Democratic         soc. dem.   not existing f. 2002 as split from NC
People's Front Nepal Janabadi Morcha Nepal JMN   tel. +977-1-211033 rad. left.     split from NJM in 1987
Social Democratic Party             0.0011%
3 cand.
Socialist Insaf Party                
Socialist Movement Nepal         com.     f. 1999
Socialist Party, Nepal                
United Left Front Samyukta Bammorcha             alliance f. 2002
Parties probably disbanded
Communist Party of Nepal (Communist (Nepal Communist Party (Samyabadi)), Desh Bhakta Janatantrik Morcha, Marxist-Leninist Group of the Nepal Communist Party, Nationalist Communist League (Rastrabadi Communist League), Nepal Communist League (NCL), Communist Party of Nepal (Fifth Convention), Communist Party of Nepal (People Oriented) (Communist Party of Nepal (Janamukti)), Nepal Labourers' Farmers' Association, Nepal Marxist-Leninist Party (Nepal Marxbadi Leninbadi Party, NMLP), Nepal Terai Communist Party, Nepal Proletarian Workers' Organization, Nepal Socialist People's Party (Nepal Samajbadi Janata Dal), Patriotic Democratic Front (Desh Bhakta Janatantrik Morcha), People's Party (Social Democratic) (Janata Dal (Sa. Pra.)), Socialist Well-being Party (Sarbodaya Samajbadi Party)

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