Leftist Parties of the World

New Zealand / Aotearoa

Last update: October 22, 2005

party list candidate  
Aboriginal Your Voice Party     e-mail Maori left. nat.   - -  
Alliance     e-mail left. soc.   0.072% 0.086% f. 1991, led by Jill Ovens
Anti-Capitalist Alliance   Liberation e-mail rad. left.   - 0.026%
8 cand.
f. 2002 by WPNZ, Revolution Group and individuals
Revolutionary Workers League RWL The Spark, Revolution e-mail rad. left.   - - f. 2004, merger of Revolution and Workers' Party, led by Daphna Whitmore
Class War     e-mail anar. com.   - -  
Communist League     e-mail tro. SWP - 0.0048%
2 cand.
f. 1969 as Socialist Action League
Communist Party of Aotearoa CPA Red Flag e-mail mao.   - - split from CPNZ in 1993
Communist Workers' Group CWG Class Struggle e-mail tro. LCMRCI, CCITP supported Labour f. 1995 as split from Workers' Power
Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand     e-mail green   5.32% 4.17%
52 cand.
f. 1972 as New Zealand Values Party, led by Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald
Industrial Workers of the World IWW   e-mail anar. syn.   - - f. 2000
International Socialist Organization   Socialist Review e-mail tro.   - - split from SWO in 1997
Libertarian Communists     e-mail anar. com.   - -  
Maori Party     e-mail Maori left. nat.   2.13% 3.40%
42 cand.
f. 2004 as split from Labour Party
New Zealand Labour Party NZLP   e-mail soc. dem. SI 41.29% 40.80%
59 cand.
f. 1916, led by Helen Clark
Organization for Marxist Unity OMU Struggle   mao.   - -  
Permanent Revolution Group PRG The Bolshevik tel.: +64-4-3828408 tro. IBT - - split from Spartacist League in 1980s
Progressive Party     e-mail soc. dem.   1.17% 1.66%
52 cand.
f. 2002 as split from Alliance, led by Jim Anderton
Socialist Alternative   The Socialist e-mail tro. CWI - - f. 2002
Socialist Party of Aotearoa SPA Red Flag, The Spark e-mail com.   - - f. 1990 as split from Socialist Unity Party, led by Bill Andersen
Socialist Worker   Socialist Worker Monthly Review e-mail tro. IS supported Alliance f. 1995 by International Socialist Organization and Communist Party of NZ, led by Grant Morgan
Wildcat     e-mail anar. com.   - - f. 2002 by Libertarian Communist Discussion Group
Workers Charter Movement       rad. left.   - - f. 2005
World Socialist Party of New Zealand WSPNZ   e-mail   WSM - - f. 1931 as as Socialist Party of New Zealand

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