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Last update: October 3, 2005

Parl. '04
Association for Workers' Emancipation Asociatia pentru Emanciparea Muncitorilor AEM Tribuna Socialć e-mail tro. ICLWI - f. 1991, led by Marian Tudor
Humanist Party of Romania (social-liberal) Partidul Umanist din România (social-liberal) PUR   e-mail centre left.   in alliance with PSD f. 1991
League of Communists of Romania Liga Comunistilor din Romānia LCR     rad. left.   - f. 1995, led by Marin Trusca
New Romanian Communist Party - Initiative Committee Noul Partid Comunist Romān - Comitetul de Initiativa NPCR   e-mail     - f. 2003, led by Petre Ignat
Party of Communists - without PCR members Partidul Comunistilor - Nepeceristi PC(N)   e-mail com.   - f. 1996, led by Gheorghe Ungureanu
Resistance Rezistenta   Rezistenta e-mail tro. - split from PMR
Romanian Communist Party Partidul Comunist Romān PCR   e-mail stal.   not registered led by Alexandru Pantazi, f. 1991
Romanian Ecological Party Partidul Ecologist Romān PER   tel.: +40-1-3274772 green   0.72% f. 1990
Romanian Socialist Party Partidul Socialist Romān PSR Scīnteia Socialismului e-mail com.   0.28% f. 1992 as split from PSM, led by Ion Ciuca
Romanian Socialist Workers Party Partidul Socialist Muncitoresc Romān PSMR   tel.: +40-1-3148754 com.   - f. 1996 as split from PSM, led by Vasile Pandele
Social Democratic Party Partidul Social Democrat PSD   e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES(a) 36.80% for alliance with PUR f. 2001 by merger of Social Democracy Party of Romania (PDSR) and Romanian Social Democratic Party (PSDR), led by Adrian Nastase
Social Democratic Party "Constantin Titel Petrescu" Partidul Social Democrat "Constantin Titel Petrescu" PSD-CTP   e-mail soc. dem. 0.20% f. 1999, led by Constantin V. Ionescu
Social Democratic Roma Party of Romania Partida Romilor Social Democrata din România soc. dem. 0.55% led by Nicolae G. Paun
Socialist Alliance Party Partidul Alianta Socialista PAS Socialismul e-mail left. soc. EL 0.28% f. 1990 as Socialist Labour Party (PSM), splits joined PDSR in 2000 and PSD in 2003, led by Constantin Rotaru
United Left Party Partidul Stangii Unite PSU   e-mail left. soc.   0.44% (PSU)
0.34% (PMR)
f. 2005 by United Socialist Party (PSU) and Romanian Workers Party (PMR), led by Ilie Neacsu
Workers' Romania Association Asociatia Romānia Muncitoare   Romania Muncitoare   stal., nat.   - wants to found Workers' Romania Party, led by Daniel Dediu
Workers' League Miron Cozma Liga Muncitorilor Miron Cozma         ICLWI - led by Constantin Cretan
Parties probably disbanded
Romanian Labour Party (Partidul Laburist Roman), Revolutionary Socialist Party (Bolshevic-Leninist) (Partid Socialist Revolutionar (Bolsevic-Leninist), PSR(B-L))

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