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El Salvador

Last update: May 2, 2005

Parl. '03
Citizens' Initiative Iniciativa Ciudadana       soc. dem.   supported CDU f. 1998, led by Héctor Dada Hirezi
Clara Elizabeth Ramirez Front Frente Clara Elizabeth Ramirez FCER     rad. left.   no part. pol.-mil., f. 1983 as split from Popular Liberation Forces (FPL)
Democratic Change Cambio Democrático CD   tel.: +503-2261928 soc. dem.   6.32% for CDU f. 1998 as United Democratic Centre (CDU), led by Rubén Zamora
Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front Frente Farabundo Martí de Liberación Nacional FMLN Cambio e-mail left. soc. FSP 33.79% f. 1980
Socialist Revolutionary Current Corriente Revolucionaria Socialista "Ortodoxos" CRS     com.   current in FMLN led by Jorge Shafick Handal
Unionist Current Corriente Unionista "Unionistas"       left. soc.   current in FMLN led by Gerson Martínez, current of Terceristas, ex-Renovadores and ex-Ortodoxos
Movement Fatherland for All Movimiento Patria para Todos MPT   e-mail rad. left.     split from Iniciativa Ciudadana, led by Roberto Cañas
Party of Salvadorian Workers Partido de los Trabajadores Salvadoreños PTS     soc. dem.     f. 2003
Red Flag Bandera Roja   Red Flag   mao.   no part.  
Revolutionary Tendency Tendencia Revolucionaria       rad. left.   no part. split from FMLN in 1996, led by Dagoberto Gutiérrez
Salvador Cayetano Carpio Front Frente Salvador Cayetano Carpio       rad. left.   no part. appeared in 2000
Salvadorian Anarchist Movement Movimiento Anarquista Salvadoreño MAS Rechazzo Social e-mail anar.   no part.  
Social Democratic Concertation Concertación Socialdemocráta       soc. dem.   1.90% for MR f. 2004, successor of the Renovation Movement (MR, f. 2002 as split from FMLN), led by Facundo Guardado
Social Democratic Movement Movimiento Social Demócrata       soc. dem.   0.73% (PSD) f. 2003 when Social Democratic Party (PSD) was dissolved, led by Jorge Meléndez ("Jonas")

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