Leftist Parties of the World

United States of America

Last update: November 27, 2005

Party Abbr. Publications Contact Ideol. Internat. Elections other
Parl. '04 Pres. '04
Action IWA     e-mail anar. ex-AIT - - f. 1999 as split from WSA
African People's Socialist Party auxiliary organization APSP The Burning Spear e-mail black rad. left. nat.   - - f. 1972, led by Omali Yeshitali
All-African People's Revolutionary Party local group AAPRP   e-mail black left. nat.   - - f. 1972
Alliance Marxist-Leninist (North America)   Alliance e-mail stal. ISML - - f. 1989
American Indian Movement - Grand Governing Council AIM-GGC   e-mail indian nat.   - - f. 1993 as split from other AIM, led by Vernon Bellecourt
American Indian Movement - International Federation of Autonomous Chapters AIM-IFAC   e-mail indian left. nat.   - - f. 1968, led by Russell Means
Anarchist Communitarian Network     e-mail anar.   - - f. 2001
Anarchist People of Color     e-mail anar.   - -  
Arissa     e-mail rad. left.   - -  
Atlantic Anarchist Circle other page           - -  
Barrio Union (Unión del Barrio)   La Verdad e-mail chicano left. nat.   - - f. 1981
Bay Area Anarchist Communists     e-mail anar. com.   - - f. 2003
Black Autonomy Network of Community Organizers BANCO     anar.   - -  
Black Radical Congress BRC   e-mail black rad. left. nat.   - - f. 1998
Bolshevik Tendency     Tel. +1-510-2782971 tro. IBT - - f. 1982 as split from Spartacist League
Bring the Ruckus     e-mail anar. com.   - - f. 1997
Committee for a Unified Independent Party / International Workers Party unofficial CUIP/IWP   e-mail black nat.   - - f. 1979 as New Alliance Party, led by Fred Newman
Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism CCDS Corresponder, Dialogue & Initiative e-mail ex-com., left. soc.   - - f. 1991 mainly as split from CPUSA
Communist Party USA CPUSA People's Weekly World, Political Affairs e-mail com. ex-WMR - supported Dem. Party f. 1919, led by Sam Webb
Communist Voice Organization   Communist Voice, Struggle e-mail ex-mao.   - - f. 1995 as split from Chicago Workers' Voice Group
Communist Workers Organization CWO   e-mail tro.   - - f. 2002
December 12th Movement   Arm the Masses e-mail black rad. left. nat.   - - led by Omowale Clay
Democratic Socialists of America DSA Democratic Left e-mail left. soc. SI on list of Democratic Party - f. 1983, active in Democratic Party
Echanges et Mouvement       left. com.   - -  
Federation of Northwest Anarchist Communists FNAC   e-mail anar. com.   - - f. 2002
Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives FRAC   e-mail anar.   - - f. 2002
Freedom Road Socialist Organization [Fight Back] FRSO Fight Back e-mail stal. ICS - - f. 1999 as split from other FRSO
Freedom Road Socialist Organization [Freedom Road] FRSO Freedom Road e-mail ex-mao., stal. ICS - - f. 1985
Freedom Socialist Party FSP The Freedom Socialist e-mail tro. FS - supported SPUSA, SWP and WWP f. 1964 as split from SWP
Great Plains Anarchist Network     e-mail anar.        
Green Party of the United States other page GP-US Greensweek, Greenpages e-mail green   0.30% 0.098% f. 1996 as split from GPUSA
The Green Alliance     e-mail left. green   - - f. 2002
Independent Progressive Politics Network IPPN Independent Politics News e-mail left. soc.   - - f. 1995, alliance
Industrial Workers of the World IWW Industrial Worker e-mail anar. syn. IWW - - f. 1905
International Communist Current ICC Internationalism   left. com. ICC - -  
International Socialist Organization ISO Socialist Worker, International Socialist Review e-mail tro. ex-IS - - f. 1977
Internationalist Group   Internationalist e-mail tro. LFI - - f. 1996 as split from Spartacist League
Internationalist Perspective   Internationalist Perspective   left. com.   - - f. 1986 as split from ICC
Internationalist Workers' Group other page   Internationalist Notes e-mail left. com. IBRP - - f. 2002
Labor Party   Labor Party Press e-mail left. soc.   - - f. 1996, led by Mark Dudzic
Labor Standard   Labor Standard e-mail tro. close to USFI - - f. 1998, partly active inside Solidarity
Labor's Militant Voice LMV Labor's Militant Voice e-mail tro.   - - f. 1998 as split from Labor Militant
League for the Revolutionary Party LRP Proletarian Revolution e-mail tro. COFI - - f. 1976
League of Revolutionaries for a New America   People's Tribune/Tribuno del Pueblo e-mail ex-mao.   - - f. 1997, formerly the Communist Labor Party
Left Green Network     e-mail left. green   - - f. 1989
Left Party   Frontlines e-mail tro. CIR - - f. 2002 as split from Socialist Alternative
Left Turn   Left Turn e-mail tro. ex-IS - - f. 2001 as split from ISO
Liberty Union Party e-mail rad. left. 0.0027% 0.00022% f. mid-1990s, exists in Vermont
Maoist Internationalist Movement MIM MIM Notes, Maoist Sojouner e-mail mao.   - - f. 1983
Marxist-Leninist Organizer       stal.   - -  
National Black United Front NBUF Frontpage e-mail black left. nat.   - - f. 1980, alliance
New Afrikan Liberation Front NALF Taion Time   black rad. left. nat.   - - f. 1995, led by Herman Ferguson
New Afrikan People's Organization NAPO By any means necessary   black rad. left. nat.   - - f. 1984, led by Chokwe Lumumba
New Democracy   New Democracy Newsletter e-mail     - -  
New Party     e-mail left. soc.     - f. 1991
News & Letters Committees   News & Letters e-mail ex-tro., marx. MH - - f. 1955
Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists NEFAC The Northeastern Anarchist, Ruptures, Barricada e-mail anar. com. ILS - - f. 2000
Organizing Committee to form the Communist Party USA (Marxist-Leninist) OCCPUSA(ML) Proletariat, Labor's Champion,   mao.   - - f. 1983
Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party       black left. nat.   - - f. 1983
Party for Socialism and Liberation PSL Socialism and Liberation e-mail rad. left.   - - f. 2004 as split from WWP
Peace and Freedom Party PFP Partisan e-mail left. soc.   0.026% 0.023% f. 1967, many tendencies
Prairie Fire Organizing Committee PFOC Breaktrough e-mail rad. left.   - - f. 1974
Progressive Labor Party other page PLP Challenge-Desafío-Le Defí e-mail mao.   - - f. 1965
Progressive ProAction Party     e-mail         led by Mark A. Dotz Jr.
Ray O. Light Group       mao. ICS, ICMLPO[M] - -  
Red and Anarchist Action Network   Praxis Journal, RAAN-Network News   anar. com.   - - f. 2002
Republic of New Afrika RNA The New Afrikan   black rad. left. nat.   - - f. 1968
Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarians of Color RACE   e-mail anar.   - - f. 2001
Revolutionary Communist Party RCP Revolutionary Worker / Obrero Revolucionario fax: +1-312-227-4497 mao. RIM - - f. 1975
Revolutionary Workers League RWL Fighting Worker e-mail tro. ITC - - f. 1976 as split from Spartacist League
Revolutionary Workers Party (Trotskyist-Posadist) RWP(T-P) Proletarian Revolution e-mail tro. TPI - - led by Jen Cobbins
Social Democrats USA SDUSA New America e-mail soc. dem. SI on lists of Democratic Party - f. 1972 by right wing of SPUSA, active in Democratic Party
Socialist Action   Socialist Action e-mail tro. USFI - - f. 1983 as split from SWP
Socialist Alternative   Justice e-mail tro. CWI - - f. 1986 as Labor Militant, active in Labor Party
Socialist Equality Party, other page SEP   e-mail tro. ICFI 0.00076% 0.0015% f. 1966 as Workers League
Socialist Labor Party SLP The People e-mail DeLeonist   - - f. 1876
Socialist Organizer   The Organizer e-mail tro. SIQI - - active in Labor Party
Socialist Party USA SPUSA The Socialist e-mail left. soc.   0.013% 0.0061% f. 1901
Debs Tendency     e-mail rad. left.   - - f. 2003
Socialist Workers Organization SWO Socialist Viewpoint e-mail tro.   - - f. 2001 as split from Socialist Action
Socialist Workers' Party SWP The Militant e-mail tro. SWP 0.0026% 0.0070% f. 1937, led by Jack Barnes
Society for Economic Equality     e-mail DeLeonist   - - f. 1983 as split from SLP
Solidarity   Against the Current e-mail tro.   - - f. 1986
Fourth International Caucus       tro. USFI - - formerly the Fourth Internationalist Tendency
South East Anarchist Network     e-mail anar.   - - f. 2004
Spartacist League of the U.S.   Workers Vanguard e-mail tro. ICL - - f. 1966 as split from SWP, led by James M. Robertson
The Greens/Green Party USA G/GPUSA Green Politics, Synthesis/Regeneration e-mail green FGPA - - f. 1984 as Green Committees of Correspondence
The Spark   The Spark e-mail tro. UCI - - f. 1971
Trotskyist Labor League   The Toiler e-mail tro. ITLT - - f. 2003 as split from WIL, led by Sidney Martinez
Trotskyist Unity Organization     e-mail tro.   - - f. 2003 as split from RWP(T-P), led by Joey Refallo
Truth   Truth e-mail   ex-UIT, ex-Mov - - called Socialism! until 2001
United People National Party (Partido Nacional La Raza Unida)   El Sembrador e-mail Chicano left. nat.   - - f. 1970
United States Pacifist Party     e-mail pacifist   - -  
Unity Organizing Committee unofficial   Unity e-mail Asian-American   - - f. 1991 as split from League of Revolutionary Struggle
US Marxist-Leninist Organization USMLO Voice of Revolution e-mail ex-mao. ex-alb. - - split from Marxist-Leninist Party
Vermont Progressive Party   Moose Crossings e-mail left. soc.   - - f. 1999
Workers Action   Workers Action e-mail tro. CRFI - - f. 2003
Workers Democracy Network   Workers Democracy e-mail tro.   - -  
Workers International League youth organization WIL Socialist Appeal, New Youth e-mail tro. IMT - - called Socialist Labor until 2001
Workers Party U.S.A   The Worker e-mail stal. ex-alb. - - f. 1992
Worker's Socialist Party of the United States WSP-US   e-mail   rad. left. - - split from WSPUS in 2002
Workers Solidarity Alliance WSA Ideas and Action e-mail anar. syn. AIT - - f. 1984
Workers World Party WWP Workers World e-mail ex-tro., rad. left. ICS - 0.0011% f. 1959 as split from SWP
Working Families Party WFP   e-mail left. soc.   0.10% 0.11% f. 1999
World Socialist Party of the United States WSPUS World Socialist Review e-mail rad. left. WSM - - f. 1916
Parties probably disbanded
Chicago Workers Voice Group, Fireworks, International Socialist League-Fourth International (ISL-FI), Liberation League, National Committee for Independent Political Action (NCIPA), New Afrikan Liberation Movement, New Liberty Party, Unity & Struggle Communist Union

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