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Parl. '04
Advanced Democratic Artiguist Front Frente Artiguista Democrático Avanzado FADA   e-mail com.   supported CI f. 2003 by faction of Communist Youth
Anarchist Workshop Taller Anarquista   Revista Alter e-mail anar.   no part.  
Artiguist Coordination of Liberation 1971 Coordinador Artiguista de Liberación 1971 CAL71   e-mail rad. left.   not existing f. 2005 as split from FA
Broad Front Frente Amplio FA  Correo del FA e-mail   FSP 51.66% for Encuentro Progresista - Frente Amplio - Nueva Mayoria f. 1971, led by Tabaré Vázquez, groups in EP-FA-NM joined FA in 2005
20th May Movement (List 5205) Movimiento 20 de Mayo (Lista 5205) 20M     rad. left.   0.044% of EP-FA-NM vote led by Lucas Pittaluga
26th March Movement (List 326) Movimiento 26 de Marzo (Lista 326) M26 Juventud, Cuadernos del 26 e-mail rad. left. FSP 2.33% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1971, led Raúl Sendic
Advanced Democracy (List 1001) regional group Democracia Avanzada (Lista 1001) DA Al Frente   com.   6.15% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1984
  Communist Party of Uruguay Partido Comunista del Uruguay PCU Carta Popular, Estudios e-mail com. ex-WMR, FSP   f. 1920, led by Marina Arismendi
  Liberation Front of the Left Frente Izquierda de Liberación FIdeL     com. FSP   f. 1962, led by Doreen Javier Ibarra
Artiguist Tendency (List 77) Vertiente Artiguista (Lista 77) VA   e-mail soc. dem. FSP 8.85% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1971, led by Enrique Rubio
  Artiguism and Unity Artiguismo y Unidad       soc. dem.     f. 1989 as split from PDC
  Independent Democratic Left Izquierda Democrática Independiente IDI Asamblea   soc. dem.     f. 1984
Atabaque (List 7777) Atabaque (List 7777)     e-mail     0.12% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 2004 by afro-umbandist temple leaders, led by Julio Kronberg
Broad Front Union (List 567) Union Frenteamplista (Lista 567) UF         0.50% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1999, led by Hugo Cores
  Party for the People's Victory Partido por la Victoria del Pueblo PVP Revista Compañero e-mail rad. left., ex-anar. FSP   f. July 1976, led by Hugo Cores
Current of Broad Front Unity (List 9393) Corriente de Unidad Frenteamplista (Lista 9393) CUF     rad. left. FSP 0.022% of EP-FA-NM vote f., 1985, ed by Eduardo Méndez
Current of the Left (List 5271) Corriente de Izquierda (Lista 5271) CI Periódico Corriente de Izquierda e-mail rad. left.   0.98% of EP-FA-NM vote 1.53 % of EP-FA
  Marxist Tendency Tendencia Marxista       rad. left.     f. 1994, led by Milton Rodríguez
  Popular Alternative 1815 - Solidarity Space Alternativa Popular 1815 - Espacio Solidario     e-mail rad. left.     f. 1998, led by Ruben Elías
February 5th 1971 Group (List 2571) Agrupación 5 de Febrero de 1971 (Lista 2571)     e-mail soc. dem.   - f. 1999, led by Ruben Elías Dutra
Federal Broad Front League (List 1831) Liga Federal Frenteamplista (Lista 1831) LFF   e-mail     0.22% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 2000 by regional groups, led by Darío Pérez
  Cabildo 2000 Cabildo 2000   Vientos de Cambio e-mail        
Movement of the Sun, Ecologist Agrarian Movimiento del Sol, Ecologista Agraria     e-mail green   0.16% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1991 as Partido del Sol, led by Homero Mieres
New Space (List 99000) Nuevo Espacio (Lista 99000) NE   e-mail soc. dem. SI 7.67% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1994, led by Rafael Michelini
Popular Current (List 1303) Corriente Popular - Lista 1303 CP Corriente Continua e-mail left. soc. FSP 2.24% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1987 as split from Partido Blanco, led by Carlos Pita
Popular Participation Movement (List 609) Movimiento de Participación Popular (Lista 609) MPP Participando e-mail left. soc. FSP 29.16% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1989, led by José Mujica
  Independent Meeting Current Corriente Encuentrista Independiente       soc. dem.     f. 2001 by faction of Current 78, led by Daniel Díaz Maynard
  National Liberation Movement -Tupamaros, mirror page, unofficial Movimiento de Liberación Nacional - Tupamaros MLN-T Mate Amargo, Tupamaros e-mail rad. left. FSP   f. 1965, led by José Mújica
  Open Left (List 3040) Izquierda Abierta (Lista 3040) IA   e-mail       f. 1997 as split from AU
  Red Carnations Movement Movimiento Claveles Rojos       soc. dem.     split from Partido Colorado, led by Víctor Vaillant
  White Column Columna Blanca             f. 2002 as split from Partido Blanco
Popular Union Unión Popular UP     rad. left.   no part. f. 1962
Proclamation Group Grupo Pregón       rad. left.   no part. f. 1970 as split from Partido Colorado
Progressive Alliance (List 738) Alianza Progresista (Lista 738) AP   e-mail soc. dem.   8.04% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1999, led by Rodolfo Nin Novoa
  Broad Front Confluence Confluencia Frenteamplista CONFA   tel.: +598-2-9084707 ex-com, left. soc. FSP observer   f. 1994 as split from PCU, led by Victor Rossi
  Christian Democratic Party (List 808) Partido Demócrata Cristiano (Lista 808) PDC Aqui e-mail left. christ.     f. 1962, led by Héctor Lescano
  Country Group Grupo País             f. 2004 as split from NE
  Independent Progressive Commitment Compromiso Progresista Independiente              
Quebracho Quebracho       rad. left.   no part. f. 1999 as MPP Fundacional, led by Jorge Zabalza
Revolutionary Workers' Party (Trotskyist-Posadist) (List 871) Partido Obrero Revolucionario (Trotskista-Posadista) (List 871) POR(TP) Frente Obrero e-mail tro. TPI, FSP 0.12% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1952, led by Raúl Campanella
Socialist Word Palabra Socialista       tro. close to Argentinian MAS no part.  
Socialist Workers' Party (List 1968) Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores - Lista 1968 PST Correspondencia e-mail tro. close to USFI, FSP 0.10% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1969, led by Gustavo Vásquez
Space 90 Espacio 90           14.81% of EP-FA-NM vote  
  Party for Social Security Partido por la Seguridad Social PPSS           f. 1994 by pensionists, led by Elías Yaffalián
  Progressive Batllism (List 800) Batllismo Progresista (Lista 800)       center left.     split from Partido Colorado in 1994, led by Humberto Castro
  Renovating Action Acción Renovadora AR   e-mail center left.     f. 2003 as split from NE
  Socialist Movement Emilio Frugoni Movimiento Socialista Emilio Frugoni MS   e-mail soc.     f. 1966 as split from PS, led by Walter Morodo
  Socialist Party Partido Socialista PS Correo Socialista e-mail left. soc. SI, FSP, CSL   f. 1921, led by Reinaldo Gargano
Uruguay Assembly (List 2121) Asamblea Uruguay (Lista 2121) AU   e-mail center left. FSP 17.60% of EP-FA-NM vote f. 1994, led by Danilo Astori
  Broad Front Popular Movement Movimiento Popular Frenteamplista MPF           f. 1990 as split from Partido Blanco, led by Jorge Zas
  Carpentry Movement Movimiento Carpintería     e-mail       f. 2004 by people close to FA leader Liber Seregni
Cimarron Libertarian Organization Organización Libertaria Cimarrón OLC Barrikada e-mail anar.   no part. f. 1999
Communist Refoundation Refundación Comunista       rad. left.   no part.  
Coordination of Antiimperialist Struggle Coordinadora de Lucha Antiimperialista     e-mail rad. left.   no part. alliance of Fogoneros, PST, Juventud Guevarista-MRO, Colectivo Militante
Firemen Fogoneros     e-mail rad. left.   no part.  
Independent Party Partido Independiente PI   e-mail center left.   1.88% f. 2001 as split from NE, led by Pablo Mieres
Eto-Ecological Green Party (List 1202) Partido Verde Eto-Ecologista (Lista 1202) PVEE   e-mail green     f. 1987, led by Francine Tálice Lacombre
Libertarian Study and Action Group Grupo de Estudio y Acción Libertaria GEAL Opción Libertaria e-mail anar.   no part. f. mid-1980s
Militant Collective (for the Unity of the Revolutionaries) Colectivo Militante (por la unidad de los Revolucionarios)     e-mail tro. close to USFI no part. f. 2001 as split from PST, led by Ernesto Herrera
Revolutionary Communist Party Partido Comunista Revolucionário PCR La Verdad e-mail mao. ICMLPO[M] no part. f. 1973, led by Ricardo Cohen
Revolutionary Front for a Socialist Alternative Frente Revolucionario por una Alternativa Socialista FRAS  o e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 2003
Oriental Revolutionary Movement Movimiento Revolucionario Oriental MRO Los Orientales e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 1961 as split from Partido Blanco, led by Ariel Collazo
Revolutionary Left Izquieda Revolucionaria   El Mundo al revés e-mail Tro. IS no part.  
Socialist Convergence Convergencia Socialista CS     tro. ex-LIT no part.  
Socialist Course Rumbo Socialista     e-mail tro. UIT no part.  
Uruguayan Anarchist Federation Federación Anarquista Uruguaya FAU Lucha Libertaria e-mail anar. com.   no part. f. 1956
Workers Party Partido de los Trabajadores PT Tribuna de los Trabajadores e-mail tro. CRFI 0.024% f. 1980, led by Juan Carlos Vital
Parties probably disbanded
Base Nuclei of the Broad Front
(Nucleós de Base Frenteamplistas), Convocation (Convocatoria), Independent Progressive Current (Corriente Progresista Independiente), People at Work - List 207 (Gente en Obra - Lista 207), Rally of Democratic Socialism (Encuentro del Socialismo Democrático, ESD), Revolutionary Socialism (Socialismo Revolucionario), Socialist Option (Opción Socialista), UNITE (UNIR)

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