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Last update: September 19, 2004

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Bolivarian Liberation Forces - Liberating Army Fuerzas Bolivarianas de Liberación - Ejercito Libertador FBL     left. nat.   - pol.-mil., f. 1991
Comission for Anarchist Relations Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas CRA El Libertario e-mail anar. syn. close to AIT - f. 1995
Communist Party of Venezuela Partido Comunista de Venezuela PCV Debate Abierto, Tribuna Popular e-mail com. ex-CI, ex-WMR, FSP 0.36% f. 1931, led by Oscar Figuera
Constitution Front of Workers Frente Constituyente de Trabajadores FCT         0.15% f. 1999, led by Froilán Barrios
Democratic Action Acción Democrática AD   e-mail soc. dem./pop. SI 16.11% f. 1936, led by Jesús Mendez Quijada
Democratic Coordination other page Coordinadora Democratica AD   e-mail     not existing broad alliance of opposition parties and movements
Homeland for All Patria para Todos PPT   e-mail left. soc.   2.27% f. 1997 as split from Causa R, led by José Albornoz
Humanist Party Partido Humanista     e-mail   IH -  
International Communist Party Partido Comunista Internacional   Programa Comunista e-mail left. com.   -  
Internationalism Internacionalismo   Internacionalismo   left. com. ICC -  
La Jornada Class Movement Movimiento Clasista La Jornada       rad. left.   -  
Libertarian Communist Group Grupo Comunista Libertario     e-mail anar.   -  
Movement 5th Republic Movimiento Quinta República MVR   fax: +58-2-7936297 left. nat.   44.38% f. 1997, led by Hugo Chávez Frías
Movement towards Socialism Movimiento al Socialismo MAS   e-mail left. soc. SI cons. 5.03% f. 1971 as split from PCV, led by Felipe Mujica
Multiethnical United People of Amazonas Pueblo Unido Multiétnico de Amazonas PUAMA     indigenist   0.041% f. 1997
National Convergence Convergencia Nacional     e-mail centre left.   1.07% f. 1993 as alliance, led by Rafael Caldera
National Integrity Movement Movimiento de Integridad Nacional MIN   fax: +58-45-640619 green EFGP 0.25% led by Gonzalo Pérez Hernández
New Democratic Regime Nuevo Régimen Democratico NRD     rad. left.   0.10% f. 1997, led by Guillermo García Ponce
Option of the Revolutionary Left Opción de Izquierda Revolucionaria OIR OIR a los Trabajadores e-mail rad. left.   - f. 2002 by Voz de los Trabajadores, La Chispa, Grupo Opción, Movimiento Sindical La Jornada
Our America Project - April 13 Movement Proyecto Nuestr@merica - Movimiento 13 de Abril M13A   e-mail rad. left.   not existing  
Party of the Venezuelan Revolution / Third Way Partido de la Revolución Venezolana / Tercer Camino PRV-Tercer Camino   e-mail rad. left.   - f. 1970 as PRV, led by Douglas Bravo
Patriotic Hope Esperanza Patriótica       rad. left.   - led by Baltasar Meléndez
People's Electoral Movement - Socialist Party of Venezuela Movimiento Electoral del Pueblo - Partido Socialista de Venezuela MEP Unidad fax: +58-2-7824697 left. soc. ex-CSL, FSP, SI cons. 0.084% f. 1967 as split from AD
People's Movement for the Defense of Nationalist Ideas - Revolutionary Workers Party Movimiento Popular pro Defensa de las Ideas Nacionalistas - Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores MPDIN Unidad Nacional   rad. left.   - f. 1973
Red Flag Party Partido Bandera Roja PBR Bandera Roja, Causa Marxista-Leninista, El Insurgente fax: +58-2-5421648 ex-mao., stal. ICMLPO[H], FSP 0.32% f. 1970 as split from Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR), led by Gabriel Rafael Puerta Aponte
Revolutionary Marxist Current Corriente Marxista Revolucionaria   El Militante, El Topo Obrero e-mail tro. IMT not existing f. 2003 El Militante and El Topo Obrero
Revolutionary Popular Assembly Asamblea Popular Revolucionaria)     e-mail rad. left.   -  
Revolutionary Tupamaro Movement Movimiento Revolucionario Tupamaro       rad. left.   -  
Social Democratic Party "Brave People Alliance" Partido Social Demócrata "Alianza Bravo Pueblo"       soc. dem.   - f. 2000 as split from AD, led by Antonio Ledezma
Socialist League Liga Socialista LS Basirruque e-mail ex-mao. FSP - f. 1973, led by Fernando Soto Rojas
The Radical Cause La Causa Radical LCR El Radical e-mail left. soc.   4.41% f. 1971 as split from MAS, led by Andrés Velásquez
The Spark La Chispa   La Chispa e-mail tro.   - split from Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores (PST)
Unión Unión       soc. dem.   - f. 2001 by Coordinadora Cívica, Democracia Directa, Izquierda Democrática (split from MAS), led by Arias Cárdenas
Venezuelan Popular Union Unión Popular Venezolana UPV     left. nat.   - f. 2004, led by Lina Ninette Ron Pereira
We Can - For the Social Democracy Podemos - Por la Democracia Social Podemos   e-mail left. soc.   not existing f. 2001 as split from MAS, first called MAS más
Workers' Voice La Voz de los Trabajadores       tro.   - split from Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores (PST), led by Orlando Chirino
Workers' Party of Venezuela Partido de los Trabajadores de Venezuela       left. soc.   not existing f. 2003, split from Causa R
Parties probably disbanded
Democratic Forum (Foro Democrático), Guerilla Coordination Che Guevara (Coordinadora Guerrillera Che Guevara), Patriotic Front (Frente Patriótico), National Liberation Movement of Venezuela (Movimiento de Liberación Nacional de Venezuela, MLNV), Opening for National Participation (Apertura para la Participación Nacional, Apertura), Patriotic Union (Unión Patriótica, UP), People's Disobedience (Desobediencia Popular), Political Command of the Revolution (Comando Político de la Revolución), Revolutionary National Coordination (Coordinadora Nacional Revolucionaria), Revolutionary People's Power (Poder Popular Revolucionario), The People Advances (El Pueblo Avanza, EPA), Union to Advance (Unión Para Avanzar, UPA), Unity for the New Alternative (Unidad por la Nueva Alternativa)

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