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South Africa

Last update: August 6, 2004

Parl. '04
African National Congress ANC Mayibuye, Umrabulo e-mail soc. dem. SI 69.68% f. 1912
African People's Democratic Union of South Africa APDUSA APDUSA Views   tro.   - f. 1961
Azanian People's Organization Azapo Frank Talk e-mail left. black nat. ICS 0.27% f. 1978
Communist Party of South Africa (Marxist-Leninist) CPSA(M-L) Broadsheet   mao. ICMLPO[M] -  
Democratic Socialist Movement   Izwi La Basebenzi e-mail tro. CWI -  
Green Party of South Africa GPSA   e-mail green   - f. 1999
Independent Democrats ID   e-mail soc. dem.   1.73% f. 2004 as split from PAC
Industrial Workers of the World IWW     anar. syn. IWW -  
International Socialist Movement ISM Revolutionary Socialist   tro.   - split from ISSA (today Keep Left) in 1994
Keep Left   Keep Left e-mail tro. IS - split from WOSA in 1991, f. as International Socialists of South Africa (ISSA)
Labour Left Collective           -  
New Unity Movement NEUM     tro.   - f. 1985
Pan Africanist Congress of Azania PAC   e-mail left. black nat.   0.73% split from ANC in 1959
Socialist Party of Azania Sopa     tro. ILCWI 0.10% split from Azapo in 1998
South African Communist Party SACP Umsebenzi, African Communist e-mail com. ex-CI, ex-WMR on ANC list f. 1921
Spartacist   Spartacist South Africa   tro. ICL -  
United Democratic Movement UDM   e-mail soc. dem.   2.28% f. 1997
Workers International Vanguard League WIVL   e-mail tro.   - split from WI in 1996
Workers' Organization for Socialist Action WOSA Vukani Basebenzi, Workers' Voice e-mail tro. close to USFI - f. 1990
Workers' Party WP   e-mail left. soc.   - f. 1989
World Socialist Movement WSM       WSM -  
Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation ZACF Zabalaza e-mail anar. com. ILS - f. 2003
Parties probably disbanded
Comrades for a Workers' Government (CWG), Socialist Alternative, South African Section of the Workers International to Rebuild the Fourth International (WI), Workers' List Party (WLP), Workers' Revolution

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