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Democratic Republic of Congo

Last update: March 14, 2005

17th May Movement Mouvement du 17 mai M-17     left. nat.   f 2002, led by Augustin Kikukama
Action Movement for the Rebirth of Congo Mouvement d'Action pour la Résurrection du Congo MARC Miiso Gaa e-mail left. nat.   f. 1974, led by Daniel Monguya Mbenge
African Labour Party Parti Travailliste Africain           led by Ngimbi Mavungu
Congolese Front of Socialists Front Congolais de Socialistes           led by Pius Katongola Mukenge
Congolese Movement for Direct Democracy (Revolutionary Committees) Mouvement Congolais pour la Démocratie Directe (Comités Révolutionnaires) MCDD(CR)   e-mail left. nat. pro-Libyan  
Congolese National Liberation Front [1968] Front de Libération Nationale Congolais [1968] FLNC [1968]   e-mail left. nat.   f. 1968, led by Nickel Rumbu Kad Mwimbu
Congolese National Liberation Front [1987] Front de Libération Nationale Congolais [1987] FLNC [1987]     left. nat.   f. 1987, led by Jean Baptiste Mulemba Makubi
Congolese National Liberation Front [1997] Front de Libération Nationale Congolais [1997] FLNC [1997]     left. nat.   f. 1997, led by Henri Mukatshung Mwambu
Congolese National Movement - Lumumba Mouvement National Congolais - Lumumba MNC-L         led by Albert Onawelho and Daniel Mayele
Congolese National Movement - Lumumba Mouvement National Congolais - Lumumba MNC-L   e-mail soc. dem.   led by François Lumumba
Congolese National Movement - Lumumba Original Mouvement National Congolais - Lumumba Originel MNC-LO   e-mail     led by Lambert Mende, f. 1990
Congolese Socialist Movement Movement Socialiste Congolais           led by Jimmy Kikony
Congolese Socialist Party Parti Socialiste Congolais PSC   e-mail     led by Timothée Ngoy-Tita
Coordination of Lumumbist Mulelist Kabilist Revolutionary Nationalist Forces Coordination des Forces Nationalistes Révolutionnaires Lumumbistes Mulelistes Kabilistes LMK   e-mail rad. left.   alliance, f. 2002
Democratic and Social Party Parti Démocratique et Social PADES   tel.: +243-12-815015975     led by Ekir-Nkaz Azama Kakez
Federalist Republican Forces Forces Républicaines Fédéralistes FRF       ICS f. 1998, led by Müller Ruhimbika
Front for Liberty, Unity and Peace in Africa Front pour la Liberté, l'Unité et la Paix en Afrique FLUPA   tel.: +243-12-815031862     led by Yambuli Ngoy
Front of Patriots-Labour Party Front des Patriotes-Parti du Travail FDP-PT   tel.: +243-12-9939441 mao. ICS split from FP, led by Jean Baptiste Sondji
Green Labour Party Parti Vert du Travail PVT   e-mail green    
National Lumumba Movement Mouvement National Lumumba MNL     rad. left.   led by Christophe Gbenye
Party of Genuine Lumumbist Patriots Parti des Patriotes Lumumbistes Authentiques     tel.: +243-12-98182421     led by Gaston Otete Mboyo
Patriotic Forum of Congo Forum Patriotique du Congo FPCO         f. 2001, led by Auguste Okito
Patriotic Front for the Renovation and the Progress Front Patriotique pour le Renouveau et le Progrès FP/RP Le Patriote e-mail mao.   f. 1990 as FP
Patriotic Front - Red Flag Front Patriotique - Drapeau Rouge           split from FP, led by Robert Tshitshimbi Senda
People's Party for Social Democracy Parti du Peuple pour la Démocratie Sociale     tel.: +243-12-98133313     led by Musuayi Tshinkuela
People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy Parti du Peuple pour la Reconstruction et la Démocratie PPRD   e-mail soc. dem.   f. 2003, replaced People's Power Committees (CPP)
People's Rally for Socialism Rassemblement du Peuple pour le Socialisme           led by Jean-Baptiste Nkoy
Progressives' Congress for Liberation Congrès des Progressistes pour la Libération CPL Nyota ya Afrika fax: +32-2-4200722 mao. ICMLPO[M], ICS led by Shambuyi Roger Kalala
Rally of Congolese Ecologists - The Greens Rassemblement des Écologistes Congolais - Les Verts REC - Les Verts   e-mail green   f. 2001, led by Ruffin Mpaka
Unified Lumumbist Party Parti Lumumbiste Unifié Palu   e-mail     f. 1964, led by Antoine Gizenga
Union for Democracy and Social Progress
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Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social UDPS   e-mail soc. dem.   f. 1982, led by Etienne Tshisekedi wa Malumba
Union of Ecologists for Democracy and Development Union des Ecologistes pour la Démocratie et le Développement UED   tel.: +19-2431250791 green   f. 1991
Union of Resistance Partisans Union des Partisans de la Résistance UPR   e-mail     led by Charles Ilunga-Sango
Union of the Congolese Left Union de la Gauche Congolaise UGC     lumumbist   f. 1999; led by Delphin Banza
United Front of Congolese Nationalists Front Uni des Nationalistes Congolais FUNC     left nationalist   f. 2004, alliance of UGC, FDP/PT, M-17, FLNC[1987] and others
Parties probably disbanded
Action Movement for the Rebirth of Congo-Kinshasa (Mouvement d'Action pour la Résurrection du Congo-Kinshasa), January 17th Movement (Mouvement du 17 Janvier), Congolese Movement for Democracy (Mouvement Congolais pour la Démocratie, MCD), Lumumbist Democratic Party (Parti Démocrate Lumumbiste, PADELU), National Union of Congolese Revolutionaries (Union Nationale des Révolutionnaires Congolais, UNRC),
Organisation of the Progressives of Congo (Organisation des Progressistes du Congo / Madaraka ya wendelezi wa Kongo, Mwendeko), Party of the Popular Revolution (Parti de la Révolution Populaire, PRP), Patriotic Front for Democracy (Front Patriotique pour la Démocratie), Rally of the Congolese Democrats (Rassemblement des Démocrates Congolais), Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation of Congo (Mouvement Révolutionnaire pour la Libération du Congo, MRLC), Union of the Progressive Forces of Congo-Kinshasa (Union des Forces Progressistes du Congo-Kinshasa, UFPC), Workers' and Peasants' Movement of the Congo (Mouvement des Ouvriers et Paysans du Congo), Workers party of Democfratic Congi, Zairian Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste Zaïrois, PSZ)

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